A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

With Flowers Comes Dance is a laid-back, single-player rhythm game about using the language of dance to communicate in a world of birds who don’t use spoken language. Playing as Em, a young bird who has just completed their first solitary migration, you rejoin family and friends at an annual spring festival where you catch up with one another through dance. Experiment with how you express yourself and how that affects your discussions and relationships with others who may not dance quite the same way.

With Flowers Comes Dance is the thesis project I made at the NYU Game Center, which encapsulates my love of both narrative and music-centric games.

Currently tested and supported controllers include:

PlayStation DualShock 4 wireless controller (Mac and PC)

Xbox One Controller (PC only)

Other gamepads may work, but have not been tested for support!

A special thanks to Hosni, who helped immensely on the shader work! 

The wobbly sprite shader is from SvDvorak!


With Flowers Comes Dance - Mac Build 89 MB
With Flowers Comes Dance - Windows Build

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