A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

All was well and peaceful until the Sour Note Choir descended to take over the Earth and Moon. Feeding on discord and dissonance their terrible symphony continued to descend and only two people now stand in their way. Brave cosmonauts Van. Allen and Maria who, with their trust Keytana, fight back with the power of music!

Rocket Man isn't your classic space shooter. Here, music is your weapon. The more you fight, the more beautiful your music becomes, going against the very principles of the Sour Note Choir. Take control of Van Allen or Maria to save the day.

Playable on Window or Mac. Limited controller support avaliable.

This project was a joint project between Alessia Ianni-Palarchio, Zack Hamilton, Miranda Madden, Caroline Poon and Do Park.


RocketManOSX.zip 34 MB
RocketManWin.zip 31 MB

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