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Derelict Spire is a first-person, walking-sim and puzzle adventure situated on the coast of a mysterious isthmus. You awaken at dusk on the edge of an abandoned port-side town, littered with old shipping boxes, capsized furniture, and crumpled documents. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you catch glimpses of sparkling lights- crystalline artefacts that must be returned to their rightful positions in the golden dais. The player takes on the task of retrieving eight gems scattered across the town and the temple, and returning them to their rightful place. Throughout their journey, they will come across a magical grappling hook that will aid them in reaching high ledges, and will provide a passage back to the golden dais. Inspired by the coastline of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Dell'isola in Tropea, and the San Simeone Piccolo in Venice, Italy, for the layout of the main temple, Derelict Spire takes familiar and grounded architecture and environments and turns them into a serene, surreal, dream-like environment. 


WASD to move. 

Mouse to look. 

E to interact. 

Mouse buttons to use the grappling hook. 



PCbuild.zip 558 MB
FInalMacBuild.zip 559 MB
SketchFab Model Credits 4 kB

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