Weeeeelcome to the Cleveland Engineer's Convention in the lovely Motel 66!! Take your badge and..... but, nay!! Where is your invention?

All’s Fair in War and Broom Closets is a gm-less, card-based roleplaying game that revolves around a terrible puzzle - the machinations of war.

Play as foolish engineers at a convention, all trying to bluff their way through describing their (non- or little existent) inventions and navigate their social relationships.  Players will spend this convention smooching in the titular broom closet and describing the potential lubrication of their inventions, all until the place burns down.

The game continues forever until it stops: when enough players give up or the puzzle is completed.

The workshop mod for Tabletop Simulator can be found here!

Who are we?

Please feel free to reach out with any concerns, accessibility concerns, or joyful anecdotes!!


Rules PDF 119 kB

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